Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fort Carson Lodging

Army and military travelers to Fort Carson have several extended stay options when traveling on temporary duty orders.  The Fort Carson Army Lodging provided through the official MWR organization on post is always an option for travelers staying just a few nights on the installation.  However, most long term TDY assignments to Fort Carson have more appealing housing options like staying in an extended stay apartment with a kitchen and dining room area.  TDY Lodging has a couple of featured extended stay hotels near Fort Carson as a lodging alternative to the VOQ/BOQ (visiting officer quarters and basic quarters on post).  Check out our featured locations for more photos which include extended stay accommodations at our Apollo Park Colorado Springs location as well as our Crossland Extended Stay Colorado Springs location.  Book through TDY Lodging and travelers are guaranteed the government per diem lodging rate.   

Fort Carson is located just over an hour from Denver, and is in very close proximity to several other military installations near Colorado Springs including Schriever Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base, and the United States Air Force Academy.  Many of our lodging providers cater to two or more of the installations near Fort Carson and offer short term housing and extended stay hotel accommodations within government Per Diem Rates near these DoD travel locations.

Fort Carson Housing on post was recently completed and the family housing project on base hase been named Chippewa Village, which will consist of approximately 180 four-bedroom homes.  The Fort Carson housing area has been under heavy construction for over a year, and many new families will be either moved into the next available units or placed on the Fort Carson Housing waiting list which can take several months until units become available.  If looking for an interim housing solution while on the wait list for post housing, be sure to check out all of our extended stay apartment and hotel options in the Fort Carson area.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fort Hood Housing & Lodging

Temporary duty travelers and newly assigned personnel to Fort Hood have several options including hotels and apartments in Killeen, Texas.  Military service members on a short term assignment to Fort Hood can choose from any number of our featured TDY hotels offered within the government per diem lodging rate.  Our hotels in Killeen are close to Fort Hood and offer many modern conveniences including wireless Internet and free breakfast.  TDY Lodging features the widest selection of short term accommodations nationwide which include hotels and extended stays, apartments, and corporate housing for government and military personnel.  Our off post Fort Hood Lodging options offer Army personnel an alternative to staying in the post MWR lodging facility on base.

Newly assigned personnel and family members in need of Fort Hood Housing may be interested in some of our long term lease apartments which fall within the military BAH rate (Basic Allowance for Housing), which is based on pay grade and the number of dependents.  TDY Lodging offers move-in ready apartments in Killeen for Army personnel being reassigned to the post who are either house hunting or on official PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders and have been placed on the Fort Hood Housing Waiting List.  The housing wait list on Fort Hood like many military installations can take several months before an opening is available, and often times if an available house on the Army installation is turned down by a military member for whatever reason, a service member may be pushed to the bottom of the housing waiting list.

Browse all of our lodging and housing options at Fort Hood whether on a short term temporary duty assignment or if relocating for several years on a PCS move.  TDY Lodging offers short term accommodation near every major Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps location with over 100 featured DoD travel destinations.  Check out all of our listings through the TDY Lodging homepage, or conduct a quick search for availability and rates through the Defense Lodging System website.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fort Lee Housing & Lodging

Travelers to the Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) for a school including the Ordnance, Quartermaster, or Transportation Center courses can browse our selection of per diem rate hotels and fully furnished apartments as an alternative to Fort Lee Lodging on post.  Our furnished apartments in Petersburg, Virginia are located just outside the Fort Lee main gate and come fully furnished with all utilities included as well as cable and Internet service.  Choose from our beautifully furnished lofts which are individually maintained by local corporate housing companies to provide the highest level of furnished accommodations while on TDY to Fort Lee for the Quartermaster Army Logistics course, or any one of the many courses offered on post.  Army Lodging on Fort Lee through the VOQ/BOQ facility is available for short term stays, although service members often prefer to stay off base for better accommodations and to be in close proximity to local restaurants and nightlife in downtown Petersburg, VA.

Our featured hotels and extended stays near Fort Lee offer an option for short term assignments lasting several nights or weeks, and are often available at or below the per diem lodging rate for official travel under the GSA schedule.  Our Defense Lodging System incorporates thousands of fully furnished properties offered by many short term corporate housing providers and hospitality companies at over 100 major military installations and many major cities throughout the continental United States and select locations overseas including Hawaii and parts of Europe.  Browse all of our hotels and Fort Lee Furnished Apartments For Rent for your next assignment to the historic United States Army installation.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fort Meade Lodging

Fort Meade lodging is available on base through the Army Lodging program sponsored by the MWR program for morale, welfare, and recreation.  Most temporary duty travelers to Fort Meade prefer to stay in off post lodging accommodations including hotels, extended stays or apartments and furnished house rentals.  TDY Lodging offers all types of accommodations near Fort Meade including corporate housing through professional relocation companies and extended stay hotels at the per diem lodging rate.  For all of our TDY accommodations or for interim housing while house or apartment hunting, check out our Fort Meade Lodging page for the widest selection of accommodations near the Army post.

Our featured TDY Lodging providers for Fort Meade include Fort Meade House Rentals and extended stay hotels close to the base.  Whether traveling to the Army installation for military intelligence work on post, or at the nearby National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters, our temporary lodging offers an alternative to the Fort Meade VOQ/BOQ post lodging facilities sponsored by the Army MWR lodging program.  Travelers on official temporary duty orders including active duty military or government civilians and contractors can stay in any number of our Fort Meade housing and hotel options within the GSA (Government Services Administration) per diem lodging rate.  Based on the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) recommendations, which caused a large influx of personnel to the Fort Meade area, many agencies anticipate that there will be a significant increase in 2012 Per Diem Rates.

The 2011 GSA per diem rates dropped in many locations throughout the Continental United States (CONUS), including many locations in the national capital region, which Fort George G. Meade falls just outside of in relation to the Washington DC area.  The most up to date information and changes in 2012 Per Diem Rate Changes will be provided on TDY Lodging as changes are implemented with the new Federal Government Fiscal Year which begins on October 1st.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

29 Palms Marine Corps Lodging

Twenty-Nine Palms Lodging is available for short and long term stays through our official website for military and government travel.  Many travelers when authorized a per diem allowance prefer to stay in our Twenty Nine Palms Marine Lodging options off base.  Twenty Nine Palms, known formally as the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), is the United States Marine Corps' largest base with regard to land space.  The training base is currently home to the largest military exercise area in the nation, and is also considered the largest U.S. military base in the world.  The somewhat remote Marine Base is located within the Morongo Basin and the high desert region in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park and the Palm Springs resort area in Southern California

Depending on training cycles, Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Base lodging may be available on the installation through the MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services.  The MCCS operates many of the Marine Corps TLF (Temporary Lodging Facilities) for transient personnel, and they also oversee on base recreation programs, restaurants, and clubs much like the United States Army runs the MWR Army Lodging program for morale, welfare, and recreation to include lodging facilities on base.  The Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Base lodging facilities are in close proximity to the commissary and Marine Palms Base Exchange which also offers restaurants and other shopping venues.

29 Palms lodging on base can be very limited throughout the year because the facility is widely used as a training center for regularly scheduled exercises as well as preparations for the deployment of units overseas.  Our featured temporary housing provider in the 29 Palms area is Western Homebuilders Inc, which offers fully furnished apartments in Twenty Nine Palms.  Their furnished apartments include all utilities as well as Internet and Cable, and are located in town yet in very close proximity to the Marine Corp Base.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Norfolk Navy Lodge Virginia

Official government and military travelers to the Norfolk Naval Base have a wide range of hotel and corporate housing options available through our Norfolk Navy Lodging providers.  Base lodging at the Norfolk Navy Lodge in Virginia is always an option for government and Navy personnel including cost reimbursable contractors or DoD civilians assigned to the base on a temporary duty assignment.  The best place to stay when on a short term assignment to Norfolk, Portsmouth, or on Naval Station (NAS) Oceana region is at one of our many TDY Lodging options which offer amenities equal to, or better than the Norfolk Navy Lodge on base, while allowing service members to be in close proximity to local restaurants and nightlife in the historic city by the bay as well as nearby Virginia Beach.  Norfolk Navy lodging options are abundant and most offer per diem rate accommodations.

There are a large number of government lodging options in the Norfolk area offering accommodations at official GSA Per Diem Rates when a military or government ID is provided.  Our government rate lodging in the Norfolk Navy Shipyard region and surrounding installations include hotels and extended stays, as well as furnished condos in the nearby area at the per diem lodging rate.  Norfolk has one of the largest concentrations of Navy personnel within the United States, and the number of assigned personnel on Active Duty and temporary assignments create a shortage of temporary duty accommodations, making Naval Station Norfolk the east coast equivalent to the shortage of San Diego Navy Lodging options.  Most travelers to the Navy installations in Norfolk and San Diego are referred to off base lodging accommodations because of a shortage of visiting quarters (VOQ) and guest housing on base.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Military Vacation Rentals & Armed Forces Club Travel

Armed Forces Vacation Club Resorts
Military service members, retirees, and family members have the option of staying at several of the military vacation club spots throughout the United States or overseas.  Armed Forces Recreation Center Resorts include the Hale Koa in Oahu Hawaii and the Edelweiss Lodge in Germany through the Government and Armed Forces Travel Cooperative.  The MWR sponsored Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) is able to secure reservations at many of the military vacation club spots as far as several months in advance.  TDY Lodging offers Military Vacation Discounts nationwide near many popular travel destinations including San Diego, Washington DC, and locations in Florida including Tampa and Destin.  Military vacation club reviews are the best resource for finding out which hotels and condo rentals offer the best location and required amenities.

Military Vacation Rentals
Our selection of Armed Forces vacation rentals are independently managed and operated, and include hundreds of hotels, furnished condos, and beach front house rentals near some of the best resort and travel destinations.  If traveling for several nights or weeks, our featured vacation spots are often in close proximity to many cities and resort locations featuring vacation packages for golf courses, discounted lodging, and co-operative sightseeing and concierge sponsored events.  Armed Forces personnel may also be able to save on airline flight expenses by flying for free through Military Space A Flights on scheduled aircraft routes at many installations near major travel destinations.

Armed Forces Travel Discounts
As an alternative to the Armed Forces Vacation club, TDY Lodging offers a wide range of military vacation options for families interested in traveling to top travel destinations at discounted rates.  Browse all of our Military Travel Discounts for official or unofficial vacation travel near many popular travel destinations.  Travelers interested in Armed Forces vacation club rentals on the Florida Gulf Coast can choose from hotels in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Panama City Beach military discount hotels and condo rentals.  Be sure to follow our TDY Lodging Twitter page for the latest military vacation discounts and featured travel destinations.