Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Space A" Space Available Military Flights and Lodging

Military Space A Travel "Hop"
What better way to travel than through a Space Available "Space A" Military Flight, especially in today's budget minded times.  Military Space A, or Space Available flights and lodging are generally restricted to active duty Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps personnel and retirees.  Space available lodging is generally reserved for official assignments which require government or military orders.  Space A flights are free to military personnel and retirees.

Space A Travel Locations
Active Duty Military personnel and retirees can book space available flights throughout the United States, and overseas locations including Hawaii, Guam, and Europe.  One of the major drawbacks to booking a Space A flight may include a long wait time for aircraft maintenance, or needing to make several travel stops along the way.  For example someone traveling from Washington DC to Hawaii on a Space A flight may need to first travel to MacDill Air Force Base Florida, to Naval Air Station San Diego through the NAS North Island Coronado Navy base, and then on to the space available destination in Hawaii at one of the military installations on Oahu.  The length of a space available flight (although free) can be longer than most commercial flights, and can have several delays along the way.

How to Book Space A Travel?
Space available military flights can be booked directly thorough the local military installation.  The fastest way to book a Space A flight is to contact the Army or Air Force flight operations (flight ops) office on the military base for information on all inbound and outbound flights; they may refer you to a military Space A website or phone to be able to book a flight based on current availability. 

Space A Travel Lodging
So what happens if your flight is delayed or re-directed to another military installation, and you're at an unknown base or post and need a place to stay for the night.  Military retirees and active duty service members can always check with the local post lodging, Air Force inn, or temporary lodging quarters on base, or check out our DoD Lodging Reservations portal for availability at local hotels within the government rate.

Anyone ever traveled on a Space A flight?   Let us know on our TDY Lodging Facebook post or tweet us on our TDY Lodging Twitter page.  We'd love to know how it went.

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